Generally, a printer will not respond to the print operation due to so many reasons, but, in most cases, this hp 5255 not printing issue occurs if:

  • The printer is turned off when performing the print operation.
  • The printer is not connected to the computer.
  • An incompatible or outdated printer driver is installed on your computer.
  • Your printer is facing a problem.
  • The print settings are misconfigured, etc.

Whatever the causes might be, you can resolve the “HP 5255 not printing” issue easily and quickly. This printer support page covers all the possible troubleshooting solutions that help you resolve the “printer not printing” problem.

Resolving “Hp 5255 Not Printing”

Best and Quick solution

Before performing the advanced methods, try these simple and quick troubleshooting instructions to resolve the print issue.

  • Turn on the printer: You may face this problem if your printer is not turned on when performing the print operation. So, check and turn on your HP 5255 printer.
  • Connect the devices to the same network: Generally, both the devices (printer and computer) should be connected to the same network to perform the printer-related operation successfully. Check if the printer and the computer are connected to the same network for your hp 5255 not printing device. If not, take the necessary steps to connect them to the same network. If you’re using a USB connection, unplug and reconnect the cable from the printer to your computer.
  • Restart the printer: A quick restart can resolve the common hidden bugs. Restart your printer and then perform the print operation.
  • Fix the issue: When your printer is facing a problem, it doesn’t respond to the print operation. Identify the issue using the error message or status message displayed on your computer or printer screen and perform the necessary troubleshooting methods to resolve it.
  • Reinstall the printer driver: Using an outdated or incompatible printer driver can also lead to these kinds of problems. Update the printer driver if you’re using an outdated version. Reinstall the printer driver if you have installed an incompatible driver on your computer.

Now, print the document from your computer to the printer. If the HP 5255 printer is not printing again, try the advanced troubleshooting solutions given below.

Advanced Methods

The advanced troubleshooting methods vary based on the OS type you’re using. In this section, we will show you how to troubleshoot the hp 5255 not printing issue on the Windows OS.

  • Use the HP diagnostic tool: Run the diagnostic tool called “HP Print and Scan Doctor” on your Windows computer to know the cause of the print problem and resolve it.
  • Set your printer as the default machine: If the diagnostic tool fails to resolve the print problem, check whether your printer is set as the default machine on the computer. If not, set it as the default printer. To do so, perform the simple step-by-step instructions below.
  • Open the Devices screen on your Windows 10 computer.
  • Select Printers & scanners.
  • Locate your HP printer and click the Manage button below it.
  • Now, click the Set as default button under the Manage your device section.
  • Disable the Use Printer Offline option: If this option is enabled on your printer, it will not respond to the print operation. Therefore, check and disable this option.

Contact our technical experts if the hp 5255 not printing even after performing the above troubleshooting solutions.