HP OfficeJet 5252 is an all-in-one wireless color inkjet printer that is designed for home office and micro-business printing, scanning, copying, and faxing needs. Its setup process is an effortless one to perform and the printer comes with some great features like ADF, TWAIN software, color/ black copy capability, and more.

However, the print speed of HP OfficeJet 5252 is quite disappointing.

Continue reading this page to know the HP OfficeJet 5252 setup process in detail.

Quick steps to unbox and set up your HP OfficeJet 5252 printer for the first time

  • Begin the HP OfficeJet 5252 setup process by unpacking it.
  • To do so, remove the printer from the outer plastic cover and place it on a clean and dust-free surface.
  • >Gently remove the packing tapes, materials, and foreign objects present inside and outside the printer.
  • After unpacking the printer completely, connect it to an electrical outlet using its power cable.
  • Now, turn on your HP printer by pressing the Power button on its control panel.
  • Normally, when you turn on your printer for the first time, it takes about two or three minutes to complete the initial boot-up process. So, if you’re turning on the printer for the first time, wait patiently for the boot-up to complete and then go to the next step of the HP OfficeJet 5252 setup.
  • Once your printer becomes idle, configure its settings as per your preferences and save them.
  • The next procedure is to install the genuine HP ink cartridges in their slots.
  • To do so, raise your scanner unit and open the cartridge lids.
  • Unpack the cartridges that are shipped along with your printer.
  • Now, insert the unpacked cartridges into the respective slots and close the lids.
  • Lower the scanner unit.
  • Open the input tray. Load the recommended paper type into the tray. Adjust the guides properly. Open the output tray and its extension.
  • Now, your printer will print the alignment page. Scan it to complete the alignment process.
  • Finally, install the printer driver on your computer to complete the HP OfficeJet 5252 setup.

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