As an All-in-One printer, HP OfficeJet 5252 should support all the printing features that you are expecting for your small business or workgroup. This article describes the HP OfficeJet 5252 wireless setup. Usually, you can perform it in several ways. Here we have discussed only two methods: Wireless Setup Wizard and Wi-Fi Protected Setup. Keep reading the informative section below to learn completely about the wireless setup.

Before starting HP 5252 wireless setup

  • Ensure that your printer, computer, and wireless router are turned on.
  • Next, identify the wireless credentials, such as SSID and network key of your wireless network.
  • Check if your printer is placed closer to the router.
  • Verify if you have completed the basic printer setup.

HP OJ 5252 Wifi setup using Wireless Setup Wizard

Hp Officejet 5252 Wifi Setup
  • Go to the printer control panel display and touch the Wireless icon.
  • Select the Settings option and touch the Wireless Setup Wizard option.
  • Wait for the printer to display the nearby network names.
  • Pick your SSID from the available list and enter the network key.
  • Wait for your printer to get connected to your wireless network.
  • Once the connection is established, select Print Reports from the wireless settings menu and touch the Wireless Test Report button. This will verify the Wireless Setup Using Wireless Setup Wizard.

HP OJ 5252 Wifi setup using Wi-Fi Protected Setup

HP 5252 Wi-fi Protected Setup

Before we begin the wireless setup, ensure that your wireless router supports WPS. This method doesn’t require any wireless credentials for the configuration and it takes a shorter time to complete the setup.

  • To begin with, touch the Wireless icon on the printer control panel.
  • Select Settings --> Wi-Fi Protected Setup.
  • When the instruction to start the WPS operation appears on the touchscreen panel, go to your wireless router.
  • Within 2 minutes, locate and press the WPS button on your router. Hold the button until the LEDs on your router flash.
  • Wait for your printer to connect to your wireless network.
  • After establishing the connection, verify it by printing a wireless test report.
Start The Wps Operation

Installing the HP Smart app

Installing The Hp Smart App

This is the final part of the wireless setup. Download and install the HP Smart app on the computer connected to the same wireless network before you start this procedure.

  • Launch the HP Smart app from the desktop.
  • If prompted, accept the license agreements and sign in to your HP account.
  • Click the icon to add a new HP printer.
  • Wait for the app to detect the printer that is connected to the network.
  • If your printer is not detected, select the Wireless option as your connection type and carry out the on-screen instructions.

Now, you have learned the HP OfficeJet 5252 wireless setup. If you are stuck while configuring your printer on your wireless network, reach our technical experts for assistance in resolving it.