HP OfficeJet 6950 FAX SETUP

HP OfficeJet 6950 is an All-in-One printer. It functions using HP Thermal Inkjet print technology. The printer has a print speed of 16 pages per minute. HP OfficeJet 6950 supports the faxing process so that you can send and receive fax from your printer. You can schedule faxes and send them anytime within 24 hours, including color fax. Let’s see the HP OfficeJet 6950 fax setup.

HP OfficeJet 6950 Fax Setup:

  • Plug in one end of the power cord to the printer and the other end to the wall outlet.
  • Turn on the printer and select Language, and press Yes.
  • Select Country and press Yes.
  • Set time and date, then touch Yes to confirm.
  • Check whether the paper is loaded and ink cartridges are installed in the respective places.
  • Connect your printer to a wireless connection (Wi-Fi).
  • Connect the phone cord to the telephone wall jack and the other end to the 1-Line port on the printer.
  • If you use a telephone answering machine, connect the phone cord to the telephone answering machine and another end to 2-EXT port on the back of the printer.
  • The fax setup is done.

HP OfficeJet 6950 printer Parameters:

  • Fax header: The fax header contains your name, business name, complete 10-digit fax number.
  • Answer mode: Turn on this feature if your printer wants to pick up your phone calls and accept faxes.
  • Rings to answer: While the phone rings, the printer waits and counts the telephone rings and then takes the calls.
  • Ring type: Use all rings setting for a dedicated fax line.
  • Fax volume: Select a required volume to hear sound during the fax call.


Test the Fax setup


  • On the printer, locate Run fax test in the setup menu. The report printed will test the results and give instructions to resolve issues.

Setting up phone book contacts:

  • On your printer control panel, touch Fax and press Send now.
  • Touch Phone book and click Contact.
  • Touch the Plus sign to add contacts.
  • Touch the name, enter the name of the phone book contact, and touch Done.
  • Touch Fax number.
  • Enter the Fax number for your phone book contact and touch Done.
  • Choose Add to confirm.

Send a Fax on HP OfficeJet 6950 printer:

  • Load the document you want to fax.
  • Load blank paper in the input tray to print any fax report.
  • In the printer, dial the receiving fax number, including outside line access code, long-distance country code, and area code.
  • If you are using the speed dial, confirm the saved number, including dashes between numbers.
  • Press Black or Color.
  • Now, press the Send button to send the fax.
  • Read the printed fax report to confirm whether the process is completed successfully.

Follow the above steps to set up fax on the HP OfficeJet 6950 printer.